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MrDaveBoy73 |    Electroma Isolabile
It's early morning
No-one is awake
I'm back at my cliff
Still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
On their way down
I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
I imagine what my body would sound like
Slamming up against those rocks
and all through the Months
all through the Years
Now all I see are the shadows of the people
made of pixels that run all away,
(bu are my eyes closed or open?)
but their spirits gets everything at this height,
unutterable, automatically, feed on
a new Brain,
a new one filled with this thin petals opening at that light
boating sinking rain a flower brain
gnawing lightineable rain,
and Im in free mass dimension
and I stare there watching their reflections
but just made turn my head, rising, riding, reading

and all through the centuries
and all over the time and the space
will I blow up on a big dark hole
or will I be a new star?
the dimensione are all in me
these reflections as it become a little by little wider
my silverfiredbraintail comes exploring,

I go through all this before you wake me up
so I can feel happier to be saved again
alone with my loyal cat

standing on this mirroringfloor still throwing thing off

I Imagine myself

And when it lands
Will my eyes
b close or opened no matter my bran is awake
or still sleeping, in the enormous illusion
only on my death will make my real eye (a third one) open
after have reached the mental heights to B /E/EaR it all
, everything,
rached the point for being again a part of God.
as now it is as it was and as it will be

Björk - Hyperballad

and now let's make it real.