Social media has undeniably changed music in general, including how rappers send out disses, which Redman shared his thoughts on during a recent interview with VladTV. The veteran rapper explained that back in the day there were many steps involved in dropping a diss track, whereas today, rappers can upload their disses immediately. He also added that he likes that rappers don't have to meet in person to squash beef, possibly diminishing violent acts from happening.

Speaking more about rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the "2 Legit 2 Quit" rapper wasn't messing around when he stepped to him at the show.

Check out more of what he had to say about the situation in the above clip.

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